How to Register to Vote

Voter registration process and their requirements vary in different countries. In general, the process begins after the winners of the immediately preceding election have been proclaimed and have settled down, and ends at least 30 days before the next election. Some countries offer voter registrations online while others, like the Philippines, need the physical appearance of the voter to the nearest election commission office or at the embassy when the voter is in other countries.

Before registering to vote, check first if you have the necessary requirements:

  • Voting age. The minimum voting age varies per country and could be as low as 16 or as high as 21. The minimum voting age per country is available here.
  • Citizenship requirement This is always a mandatory requirement.  
  • Residency requirement. There is a required residency requirement per voter. This could be as low as 30 days to as high as one year.
  • Other requirements: Identification cards and proofs of age and residency.

Once you have satisfied the requirements, you can pay a visit to your electoral commission or office either physically or online. In most cases, a physical visit is necessary as some commissions or offices still need to get your photos or biometrics. Once you are there:

  • Go to the front desk or officer in-charge and inform him/her of your intention.
  • Fill-up the forms. Be sure to provide all the necessary information to avoid delays in processing your registration.
  • Submit the registration form.
  • Some countries require biometrics so you  may need to have your photo and finger prints taken.
  • Once submitted, wait for the announcement of the approving officer. In some cases, the approval is done in minutes while in others, you may need to wait for days.

If your country allows online registration, just visit the website of your election commission. Fill-up the application and provide the necessary information. Click submit and wait for the results. Again, the announcement of the results may differ in a case to case basis. In some, you may get the announcement in a few minutes while in others, you may need to wait for a few days.

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