Estrada punches man during Chinese New Year parade

By: Christia Marie Ramos | Inquierer.Net February 10, 2019

MANILA, Philippines — A short clip which circulated on social media showed Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada hitting a man during a Chinese New Year parade in Binondo.

During the said parade last Tuesday, Estrada gave away “ang-paus,” or red envelopes, which he said contained 20-peso and 50-peso bills.

In a statement issued by the Mayor last Friday, he explained that the man he had punched as seen in the video, grabbed his hand which he said almost prompted his fall from the parade truck.

“Habang ako’y namamahagi ng tradisyunal na angpao…isang lalaki at hinablot ang aking kamay. Bukod sa halos masubsob na ako mula sa trak na kinasasakyan ko, kamuntik na ring matumba ang matandang nabangga ng lumundag na pasaway na kanyang katabi,” the mayor said.

[While I was giving away the traditional angpao, a man clutched at my hand. He almost pulled me off the truck I was riding on and he bumped an old man standing near him and the old man almost fell.]


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