Senatorial candidate Bong Revilla allegedly gives out cash during political event

Senatorial candidate Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr., allegedly handled white envelopes containing cash during a political event. The envelop, according to recipients, contain PhP 300.

Distributing cash in exchange for votes is illegal under the Philippine Omnibus Election Code and the candidate may be punished with disqualification.

But more than the “vote-buying”, Revilla had been accused of benefiting from the pork barrel scam by pocketing more than PhP124 million pesos. The scam, which is currently being tried in court, was said to be masterminded by Janet Lim Napoles.

Revilla has not returned the money despite the order of the graft court.

Revilla is one of the 62 candidates seeking a post in the Senate, the Upper House of the Philippine’s bicameral Congress.

Aside from Revilla, former President and convicted plunderer, Joseph Estrada, who is seeking reelection for city mayor of Manila, was also in the news for distributing envelopes containing PhP 20 to PhP 50 pesos. See article here.

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