4 in 10 Filipino voters have complete Senate slate – Pulse Asia

April 11, 2019 | Rappler.Com

MANILA, Philippines – With over a month before the May 13 elections, only 4 in 10 Filipino voters have a complete Senate slate, according to the results of the latest Pulse Asia survey released on Thursday, April 11.

Based on the nationwide survey on senatorial preferences held from March 23 to 27, 42% or less than half of registered voters have a complete senatorial slate.

“On the whole, Filipino registered voters are naming a mean of 9 and a median of 10 of their favored senatorial candidates for the May 2019 polls, Pulse Asia president Ronald Holmes said in a statement.

Voters can choose 12 senatorial candidates in the midterm polls.

Holmes said that among geographic areas, Mindanao has the most number of registered voters with complete slates of senatorial candidates at 61%.

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