Joe Biden is 46th POTUS

Former United States (US) Vice President won the 2020 Presidential race beating incumbent President Donald Trump in a 290 to 214 electoral college vote. Biden also secured 74,991,167 popular votes as against Trunp’s 70,666,900 votes as of this writing.

The race was called off after the state of Pensylvania flipped for Biden followed by Nevada.

The 2020 presidential election marks the highest voter turnout in the United States for the past 120 years as millions of voters casted their votes despite the pandemic. According to Biden, the turnout proves “that democracy beats deep in the heart of America”. Based on current estimates, around 160 million people exercised their right to vote bring the turnout to 66.9%. The turnout is second to the 73.7% turnout in 1900.

The 2020 elections also made history as Biden’s win marked the first election of woman Vice President, Kamala Harris.

Trump, however, still remains defiant and would not concede. Expressing his rage over Twitter, the incumbent claims that he won the election and got 71 million legal votes, and that his observers were not allowed into the counting rooms. The tweet, however, has been flagged by Twitter saying the claim about election fraud is disputed.

Trump has also stated that the election is far from over and that he will be bringing the matter to the court.

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