Uganda: Museveni reelected as President

Incumbent President Yoweri Museveni who has ruled the country since 1986 was declared winner by the Ugandan Electoral Commission after garnering 58.38% of the votes for President last 14 January 2021.

Museveni, who is from the National Resistance Movement, garnered 6.04 million votes beating ten other presidential contenders including the opposition figure, Bobi Wine of the National Unity Platform. Wine garnered only 3.6 million votes.

International observers, however, consider the election as fundamentally flawed and full of irregularities. The United State’s diplomat for Africa, Tibor Nagy, cited fraud reports, denial of accreditation to observers, violence and harassment of opposition members, and the arrest of civil society activists while African Elections Watch claimed observing irregularities, including the late opening of most polling stations, missing ballot papers, and illegally opened ballot boxes.

The official voter turnout is 57% but is being since 409 polling stations have been announced to have 100% voter turnout.

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